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Emerald City teams with The Projects* for Audi 3D Projection

The Australian Launch of the AUDI A6 from the projects* on Vimeo.

For the launch of the new Audi A6 recently held at the Royal Hall of Industries in Moore Park, Sydney, The Projects came to Emerald City for a projection that would showcase the massive 68m wide surface inside. Emerald’s brief was to synchronise a custom mapped projection with the live reveal of the new A6 and bring the entire event space to life, giving the audience of 500 something they would remember. We used depth, illusion, sophisticated 3D imagery, visual effects and digital cinema surround sound to drive home the progressive Audi message in a truly world class event. Music was composed by Paul Mac and Johnny Seymour in conjunction with Silencio.

Designer/Director – Olivia Watson
Producers – Tim Kreibig and Sandy Madden
Artists – Evan Hancock, Michael Blanche, Matt Brunner, Juri Fripp and David Mosqueda.

Agency Creative – Jack Bedwani
Agency Producer – Tom Hunter

More action from the event can be seen here…


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