What we've been up to…

A grand end to 2011- The Star large foyer screen

The pre-holiday season was full steam ahead for the Emerald City team with us winning the pitch to create all content for the large screen installation in the newly refurnished Star casino foyer. The 4 x 5 metre high screen is a focus point as you enter Sydney’s iconic entertainment venue.

Our talented Creative Director Olivia Watson developed a stunning visual concept based on our planet’s evolution; from the organic building blocks of life to the wonders of the modern age and beyond. The end result was four unique and captivating content pieces with the venue then requesting additional Christmas and Chinese New Year content.

A variety of surreal elements including marine life, blossoming flowers, musical instruments and contemporary dancers were incorporated into an animated world full of unexpected surprises, movement and transformation.

The final work embodies a sense of romance, escape and playfulness that is sure to be a memorable experience for visitors of The Star.

All content was launched just prior to New Year, Chinese New Year will be launched this week.

Creative Director: Olivia Watson, VFX Supervisor: David Mosqueda, Senior Producer: Sandy Madden, Designer: Luke Carvell, 3D Artist/Compositor:   Michael Blanche, 3D Artist: Chris Harris; Compositor: Chris Hugget


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