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Emerald City turns a city into a giant pinball machine for Anchor Beer and Rain.

A new spot for Anchor Beer has gone to air across Asia this week, starring Korean pop and film superstar Rain (Ninja Assassin, Speed Racer). Production and post was undertaken in house at Emerald City.

After working on the Force of a Lion campaign for ABC Stout, Emerald City and it’s Director Chris Godfrey teamed up with Singapore agency Alchemy Partnership for this major campaign.

The brief was to turn a city into a giant pinball machine, with Rain putting on a spectacular show of stunts, truck crashes, and a cityscape that lights up the night sky, in a larger than life game. Filming was undertaken in Seoul, Korea in June of this year, with design and post completed in Sydney.

The spot is a combination of live action scenes and a fantasy metropolis built in CG. Emerald worked very closely with the creative team at Alchemy Partnership to realize the vision, and bring the dynamic and colourful city to life.


ABC Stout – Force of a Lion

Alchemy Partnership in Singapore came to Emerald City with an epic concept for ABC Stout – to follow the journey of a golden mercury lion, from its birthplace in a volcano, down through the valleys and onto sweeping plains of barley, before crossing a black ocean of Stout to the sun on the horizon, all in CGI. Of course we were up to the challenge of bringing this ambitious and eccentric idea to life. All the live action and CGI was Directed and Produced in house at Emerald City and employed a combination of 3D, fluid simulation and matte painting techniques. The result captured the primal energy and grand scenery Alchemy and ABC were looking for.

“I had a great time working with the Emerald City crew. It was great to see that the top guys were also the very guys working the magic themselves. Our ABC commercial would not have turned out as beautiful if we didn’t have you guys on board with us.”
Alvin Wong
Partner, Alchemy Partnership.